Mets Make a Deal

johan.jpgI have super powers.  I single handedly fucked and unfucked the Mets.  Last September the Mets offered a “pennant race pack”.  Anyone who bought it got tickets to every game for the rest of the season (17 games), and was guaranteed playoff tickets for the 2007 season.  Additionally,  if you continued your season tickets through the 2008 season, you would get “priority” seating in the new stadium for the 2009 season.  Get it? 

I didn’t think so. 

After convincing my wife that the tickets were going to pay for themselves because a) the Mets had a 7 game lead with 17 to play, and were definitely going to make the playoffs, because there was no way a team could blow a lead like that, and after I sold the playoff tickets we may end up making money on the deal.  And b) because when the new stadium opens we will have a hot ticket that everyone will want and we will make even more money selling all of the games. 

And thus I “Craiged” the Mets.

As soon as my credit card number was keyed into the Shea Stadium credit card machine the Mets didn’t stand a chance.  They went on to lose game after game in the most epic collapse in baseball history.  They missed the playoffs.  I lost money on the deal because I got stuck with games I couldn’t go to or get rid of and since they missed the playoffs, I got to spend an extra $3000 on playoff games that never took place. 

Enter 2008.  I get my renewal letter in the mail and decide to wait until the last possible second to renew my tickets because I was still annoyed about them not making the playoffs in October and they hadn’t added one viable player to improve the team.  I then decide to go ahead and renew the tickets anyway because I was going to make money on the new stadium in a year right?  And then about a week later I decide that I’m not wasting my money on games I’m not going to be able to get rid of because I’m not going to 81 baeball games.  Not if I want to stay married.  So I decide to call the Mets and cancel the season tickets that I just paid for, partially because they didn’t add a player this winter but mostly because it was going to be too hard to dump tickets.

And then a week later they make a trade for the best pitcher on the planet.

The Mets were officially “unCraiged”

Then I decided to buy a Mets six pack with a couple of my friends, so I “re-Craiged” them.  Which means that after Johan Santana’s third start he will schedule a visit with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham Alabama and then need Tommy John surgery.  I am pretty sure they already booked the operating room for mid May.


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