Show Me The Money!

money.jpgIf somehow on Friday the NY Mets manage to screw this up and not sign Johan Santana to a long-term contract, it will be the darkest day in Mets history.  Worse than the collapse.  Worse than watching Doc Gooden throw a no hitter in a Yankee uniform.  Worse than Darryl leaving for LA.  Worse than not signing A-Rod the first time around, and worse than losing to the Yankees in the 2000 subway series.  The Mets would set a record for most cancelled season ticket packages in one day. 

They need to somehow convince Mr. Santana that people with 150 million dollars are no happier than people with 130 million.  I mean, unless he wants to buy a rocket ship, there is no way anyone can possibly spend that much money.  Not unless they had three lifetimes. 

And if the Mets do manage to pull this off, it will instantaneously become one of the greatest acquistions in Mets history.  Santana will catapult this team to the level of the Red Sox and Yankees.  They will be the team to beat in the National league.  Fans will forget about Tom Glavine not getting out of the first inning when a win would have at minimum, secured a tie for the division.  We will be thinking about THIS year, not dwelling over last year.

A week ago I found myself thinking that I really didn’t care that baseball was right around the corner again.  Now I am counting down the days until pitchers and catchers.  I’m still trying to comprehend how the Twins accepted less for Johan Santana then they got from the Rays for Matt Garza.  I mean, Delmon Young is by far the best prospect out of the bunch, right? 

I even already thought of Santana’s first Mets commercial.  You can have Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, and Carlos Beltran eating off of the dollar menu at McDonald’s.  Johan and Beltran get into an argument over who is going to pick up the tab, so Pelfrey pays it.  Then you cut to Beltran and Santana leaving on their private jets while Pelfrey is riding a bicycle home. 


One response to “Show Me The Money!

  1. Speaking of the Rays… If the Mets fail to sign this guy, I’m turning in my Orange and Blue for some green and whatever the Rays are wearing this year. Granted rooting for a small market team in the same division as the Red Sox and Yankees has to be one of the more frustrating things for a sports fan, but it would be less futile than waiting for the Mets to wake up and realize they play in NEW YORK, have a regional sports network, and a new stadium on the way. Hell, Forbes estimates the Mets value as $600 BILLION and have an estimated income of $195 MILLION. You have to be careful not to spend it all in one place, right?

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