Go away its been 36 years!

72-fish.jpgWhen Barry Bonds broke the homerun record, Hank Aaron had a video taped message congratulating him for his accomplishment.  Even though everyone knows Bonds cheated, Aaron did the right thing and sucked it up for the greater good.  When Peyton Manning broke the record for passing touchdowns in a season, Dan Marino was right there to congratulate him.  Same goes for when Brett Farve broke his passing yards record.  Marino sat down with him and did an interview, face to face, and told him how great his feat was.  When Wayne Gretzky broke Gordie Howe’s all time points record, Howe congratulated him.  As far as I can remember, every major record that has been broken in my lifetime has been broken with the former record holder either at the event, or on video with a prepared statement.

 So why is it that the ’72 Dolphins won’t go away?

Every time there is a team that even comes within 8 weeks of going undefeated the ’72 Dolphins are yipping and yapping about buying guys bottles of champagne to the first team that takes them down.  How is this possible?  How come I haven’t heard anyone say how classless this is?  Why won’t these guys go away?  Why can’t they just shut up and say congratulations like everyone else does?  I hope there are two undefeated teams in the superbowl next year so these guys get twice as pissed.  I don’t understand why I keep reading how the ’72 Dolphins are “getting nervous.”  What are they nervous about?  Do they think someone is going to take their rings away?  Did they even give out rings back then?  This is a bunch of crap, and I think these fish really stink.


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